Free Healthcare Webinar:
Point-of-Care Decision Support via Real Evidence-based Guidelines

Unfold how a cognitive interactive solution can help Physicians apply Real evidence-based Guidelines to specific patient treatments in a point of care setting.

Discover how the power of actionable healthcare insights can facilitate Physicians eradicate the treatment/care gaps and unexpected costs.

Unleash the potential of leveraging both structured & valuable unstructured data for attaining enhanced patient outcomes and compliance.   

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7th July 2017
11:30 am PST 

Featured Speaker
Sudhir K, PM Specialist

Sudhir has been a serial entrepreneur for 20+ years applying technology to improve healthcare outcomes. He has deep domain expertise in artificial Intelligence and its applications in healthcare. Sudhir has developed and deployed Natural Language processing based solutions for point of care decision support and analytics. He is currently leading the SA Technologies Cognitive Healthcare initiative. 

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Dealing with Data Overload & Information Fatigue

Understand the Key Challenges faced by the physicians on a daily basis & how to resolve them 


Power of Cognitive Decision Support 

How can Physicians interactively leverage the power of Structured and invaluable Unstructured Data


Positively Influence Clinical Outcomes 

Why Intuitive NLP Point-of-Care decision support tools will become indispensable to Patient Care?