Accelerate Success via Virtual Teams

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Find out the seamless set of innovative practices that give a coherent value for your offshore distributed team. After reading our ebook, you will be able learn  

Why Constant Innovation and  needs the Best Talent regardless of borders or location.
How Virtual Engineering Teams must Communicate and Collaborate to build Amazing Products.
How Virtual Workforce is enabled via Cloud Collaboration and Smart Productivity Tools

About the SA Technologies Inc.

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SA Technologies (SAT) specializes in Virtual and Hybrid team creation and setup of smart co-located workplaces.

Its extensive team of engineers at global IT hubs, routinely helps customers remain focused on building amazing products and offer world-class services; regardless of market, visa or immigration challenges.

This eBook's Chapters Include

Chapter 1 What Creates your Business Identity?
Chapter 2 Global Accessibility: Worth the Effort?
Chapter 3 The ABC of Virtual or Distributed Team
Chapter 4 Distributed teams in Agile Envt.
Chapter 5 How Outsourcing Enables Innovation?
Chapter 6 and more...